The trademark “BENKAN” is exclusively owned by BENKAN GROUP as our Buttwelding Fittings brand name. *

However, it has been brought to our attention that imitation “BENKAN” fittings exist in some parts of the world.

In response to this regrettable matter, we shall take strict legal action against any parties found manufacturing, distributing or using imitation “BENKAN” fittings. Furthermore, we reserve the right to request the dismantling of them even after installation.

For users, we shall not take any responsibility for the loss or damage caused from using imitation “BENKAN” fittings in projects.

In case of any doubt of the authenticity of the product, please contact us.

If you have any doubt regarding the MTC, Please email to our QA : QA@thaibenkan.co.th

and cc to SALE : Sales@thaibenkan.co.th

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